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At S R S School Aligarh, we focus on the holistic development of human potential and personality, and we urge our children to have a *Can Do* attitude. We attempt to make learning and education enjoyable for children since it helps them to be responsive, interested, and observant.

The School places a strong value on the human and ethical aspects of its students. We encourage our children to be robust and determined, to never give up and to get back up and try again after each setback.

Each child is talented in his or her own unique way, and we work hard to identify and foster that quality of greatness. Sports are also ingrained as an important component of the school day

We are forward-thinking and futuristic in our thinking and mission, and we believe that every stakeholder in our school should be motivated and focused toward greatness through empathy, dedication through compassion, and success through sensitivity!

Our school's vision and mission strongly support the idea that in order to remain a leader, an institution must always evolve, update, and reinvent itself, especially in these fast-changing times!

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