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Tejvir singh

(Ex president of jila panchayat Aligarh) Director

"If Indians are to fulfil their civic responsibilities imposed by changing political conditions in both the civil and military spheres of national life, they must be provided with a better educational system that allows their physical, mental, and spiritual faculties to develop to their full potential."

It's always a pleasure to share our joys, accomplishments, victories, and ideas with you. The search for knowledge is never-ending, and the seeds of curiosity planted at home are fostered at school.

Looking at the school's accomplishments and milestones fills me with the joy and elation of a gardener whose seeds have sprouted and whose blooming petals have exposed.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

SRS has always responded proactively to all educational problems and opportunities, continually refining its learning methodologies and aims to enable students to understand and act on global issues, as well as build competence to research the world outside their immediate area.

We have a competent, dedicated, and loving staff who all work very hard to ensure that the children in our care's abilities are nourished and properly developed.

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